Because a spark
is all it takes.
Our children’s imaginations are like rocket fuel, brimming with energy and explosive potential. There is enough power to take them beyond the moon and to the stars. The confidence we build through our Wonderlit programmes is the spark that will ignite their creativity and confidence to express themselves, give life to their thoughts and reveal the geniuses within. They have got it in them. A spark is all it takes to set it free. Read More
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learning space.
The Wonderlit studio is ready to take the little ones with us on a whimsical learning journey!

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At Wonderlit, our goal is to light wonders in our children, even in the most reserved little ones, give them the ability and confidence to tell their stories of untold possibility and adventure, and set the path for the greatest stories to be told. After all, our commitment is to groom great storytellers! Read More

What’s on!

Explore three of our exciting Wonderlit programmes

Wonderlit Creature

Wonderlit Read

Designed to inculcate a love for the written word through in-depth phonics instruction and literary appreciation, turning reading into a breeze and an absolute joy for our students.

Wonderlit Creature

Wonderlit Speak

Curated to enhance our students’ ability to engage in stimulus-based conversations and public speaking, presenting their thoughts authentically and cohesively.

Wonderlit Perform

Created to bring the essence of stage acting to our students, giving them the opportunity to experience performing while building confidence and empathy.

Classroom at the Wonderlit Studio


Wonderlit wants our students to have the best possible experience from day one. Check out our learning spaces and the design thinking behind them.

What Parents Say About
Children's Speaking Confidence

“Children who struggle to speak up in class are given the opportunity to practise communicating in a low pressure, fun environment before they can be expected to stand up in front of their class with confidence.”

“Imagine how empowering it would be for your child to be able to stand up on stage, sit down in an interview, or speak in front of class and truly feel confident, as they captivate their audience with their clear, expressive voice.”

“To give your children the ability to articulate their thoughts and express their ideas is a wonderful gift, and it is vital to their confidence.”

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