Our Learning

We want our children to unleash their imagination freely, so we built a creative learning space that’s like no other.

Wonderlit's whimsical studio at Claymore Connect

At Wonderlit, we understand that a learning space for young minds needs to be safe, fun, and inspirational. So, we partnered with award-winning design consultancies LAANK and BUREAU to create a one-of-a-kind environment that can accommodate our children’s curiosity, creativity and imagination.

Our whimsical studio has been thoughtfully designed to support our creativity-based curriculum and elevate the learning experience for students. Our classrooms are equipped with features that bring out our students’ greatest potential every day, every week:

  • Playfully lit mini-stage, simulating a real-life setting for presentation and performance.
  • Cheerfully designed blob-shaped surfaces, for doodling and collaboration.
  • Digital audio-visual technology, making lessons come alive by bringing the world to our students through the interactive learning space.
  • Acoustic wall panels, controlling and reducing noise for optimal learning.

The Wonderlit studio also features its own platform stage with audience seating for bi-annual performances, as well as a library hub to encourage our students to extend their learning beyond the classroom.

Wonderlit library hub
Our creative learning space featuring bright colours and audio-visual technology
Playfully lit mini-stage at the Wonderlit studio