Stay connected and support
your child’s learning journey
with Wonderlit.

We strongly believe that our students will maximise their learning journey if parents work hand in hand with us to support their development. Recognising the importance of this partnership, we use multiple avenues to proactively engage you on your child’s growth at Wonderlit:


The Wonderlit App

Our app serves as a dedicated communication platform where you can directly communicate with Wonderlit Educators. You will also get ad hoc updates with photo and video uploads of your child’s classes.

Screenshots of the Wonderlit App
Screenshot of the Wonderlit app
Wonderlit App updates for parent collaboration
Progress updates from the Wonderlit App


Progress Reports

Depending on which programme your child is in, you will receive quarterly or half-yearly reports on your child’s learning journey with Wonderlit.



Besides regular discussions after classes, you will formally meet your child’s educators at year-end to discuss their progress and continued learning at Wonderlit. 


Bi-Annual Showcases

You will be invited to our studio to witness your child’s amazing progress, seeing them show off their acquired skills and talent.