Don’t just take our word for it!

Hear what parents have to say about Wonderlit’s programmes and educators.


Don’t just take our word for it!

Hear what parents have to say about Wonderlit’s programmes and educators.

Minghao is currently 7 years old and has been attending Wonderlit since mid-July 2021 on every Sunday. He took up the Read and Speak classes, under teacher Yilin and teacher Derrick respectively.

We do not want just another English tuition program, but one that will nurture his interest and love for the English language. Wonderlit fits the bill very nicely. Their association with Trinity College London assured us that there is a certain established & recognised curriculum.Teacher Yilin and Teacher Derrick are very competent in the English language but perhaps most importantly, the ability to communicate effectively and motivate. There was never a Sunday whereby Minghao would drag his feet to Wonderlit classes despite his first class commencing at 8.45am.

In a short span of a few months, Minghao is now reading books independently up to an hour and can verbally communicate his ideas across more confidently and effectively. Every lesson is uniquely crafted and Minghao would never really know what to expect. The creativity of his teachers makes each lesson interesting and engaging. There were some lessons where crafted balloons were even involved!

Minghao appreciates the strong rapport he has with his teachers. It is this rapport that allows him to really comfortably express himself, the thoughts, and opinions, and to enjoy the learning process. Instead of the traditional mode of teaching, Minghao enjoys the frequent dialogs and conversations with his teachers.

Wonderlit has exceeded our expectations and we are so glad to have Minghao attending their courses.

Thank you, Wonderlit!

– Michael Fu, parent of
Ming Hao (7),
Read (Fluent Reader)
& Speak (Primary 1)

Parent Testimonial Series 2021

Wonderlit is hands down the most essential structural support for your child’s early language development. 

Most children these days attend preschools of various brand names. The preschools’ teachers tend to experience turnover and the quality of their teachers are varied. The proper development of a child’s language skills is mission critical. The stronger is the child’s foundation, the better they will be able to grasp ideas, notions and concepts. This is not dissimilar to the notion of compounding interest over time. 

The teachers at Wonderlit are educators. Consistent and vested. These are key and necessary qualities. The curriculum at Wonderlit is fun and enjoyable. My child looks forward to coming to Wonderlit every week. I’d go as far as to say Wonderlit is a must for every child. Learning should be a delight.

– Arthur Chin, parent of
Rei (3),
 Read (Pre-Read Sounds)
& Perform (Nursery)

Parent Testimonial Series 2021

Before Natalie joined Wonderlit, she could not recognize the sounds of the alphabets. Within just a few lessons, she could remember the sound of each alphabet!

She has since progressed to learn how to blend words. Natalie loves attending teacher Yilin’s class!Teacher Yilin is kind, patient and creative. She makes effort to customise each lesson, helping Natalie to learn effectively and enjoy her time at Wonderlit.

Natalie looks forward to her class every week! We also love the learning experience at Wonderlit! The place is beautiful, colourful and conducive for kids’ learning. Every kid will love to learn in such a caring and nurturing environment.

I would definitely recommend Wonderlit to all parents!

– Sharon Ho, parent of
Natalie (5), Read (Pre-Read Words)

Parent Testimonial Series 2021

My son started attending Wonderlit about 3 months ago in the Early Reader program. He is 4 now, turning 5 soon. It is totally by coincidence that I found Wonderlit. I was sitting at Jewel and saw this very catchy logo at the door.  This made me curious about it. I am so glad that I found them.  Love their visuals!

The whole experience with Wonderlit is great! People are very accommodating and personalised.  My son improved a lot in his reading. His school teachers also commented on it. He started off not willing to read a full sentence before I started the program, and now, he managed to read an entire book (age-appropriate book). They also would recommend using Epic book and Oxford Owl along-side with their own teaching materials.

Ms Yilin is very patient with my son. She knows how to motivate him. The class format is very interactive and high tech (to me). It sparks kids’ interest. Class ratio is small. He gets the attention he needs. Ms Yilin will brief us after every class, updating us what our kids did in class, what to focus on, and what to review after. 

Wonderlit also has its own app to facilitate learning and enhance communication. They upload photos onto the app to show parents the way classes were conducted. Good way to see my kid in action. 

Overall, highly recommended Wonderlit.

– Joanna Ibrahim, parent of
Jadon (5), Read (Early Reader)

Parent Testimonial Series 2021

Isaac is 5 and he has been attending Wonderlit Read since July 2021.

We decided to enrol him as we were looking for a smaller class size and we also liked how Teacher Yilin interacted with him during the assessment. Before he started, he had very little interest in letters and words and would prefer to look at pictures.

Isaac looks forward to class each week and he loves the interactive media used to make lessons fun and engaging. His phonics knowledge and reading ability has also improved. Most importantly, we like how his confidence level in articulating and expressing himself is increasing.

Thank you Wonderlit and Teacher Yilin!

– Melissa Lee, parent of
Isaac (5), Read (Early Reader)

Parent Testimonial Series 2021

I have two boys ages 5 and 8 who have been going to Wonderlit since July. They love the classes and the improvement in them has been phenomenal. 

It’s not a rigid tuition type of place. They make the subject interesting for the child which means the kids learn more with less fuss.

 The teachers are very caring and have the child’s interest at heart. The whole team is very warm and welcoming.  Highly recommend joining Wonderlit.

– Pritika Agarwal, parent of
Aveer (5), Read (Fluent Reader)
Aman (8), Coach (Speak)

Parent Testimonial Series 2021

We have 3 girls enrolled with Wonderlit for half a year. My girls enjoy every lesson. The lessons held are interactive and with the aid of technology like touch- screen whiteboard and e-books create a very fun filled learning environment. Most importantly, we see a great improvement in them. My eldest shows improvement in her speech and confidence on stage. While the 2 younger ones who attend the Pre-Read Sound program have now built a stronger foundation in their reading ability. Great attributions to the Wonderlit educators for their patience and passion in guiding our girls.

– Gerald Chua, parent of
Germaine (4), Read (Pre-Read Sounds)
Gernelle (4), Read (Pre-Read Sounds)
Giselle (6),
 Speak (Primary 1)

Parent Testimonial Series 2021

My son looks forward to his reading class at Wonderlit each week. Through the fun activities, his interest in books and stories has grown even more, and I see his progress in sounding out letters each week. Wonderlit helps to make our journey in books and stories an even more wonderful adventure 💓

– Isabel Napa, parent of
Emilio (4), Read (Pre-Read Words)

Parent Testimonial Series 2021

Hi 我是Shuyi ,一个七岁女孩的妈妈,我的女儿叫Leica





– Mao Shuyi, parent of
Leica (7), Speak (Primary 1)

Parent Testimonial Series 2021