Wonderlit Creature "E" for Our Educators


We believe in the importance of great teachers. They’re the ones who set us apart.

Group photo of Wonderlit Educators in our studio

Great teachers support, motivate, inspire, and challenge their students to achieve the best learning outcomes.

Our Wonderlit Educators have recognised qualifications in Theatre, Speech & Drama, Communication Skills and/or tertiary training in Early Children Curriculum and Education. While most have stage performance experiences or are working theatre actors, some hold Trinity College London or London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art (LAMDA) exam qualifications. Educators must have experience working with children as well before they are hired.

Before an educator starts to teach at Wonderlit, a comprehensive induction and training programme in line with our teaching philosophy must be completed. A quarterly refresh will be given before every term to ensure they continue to understand the learning objectives and outcomes we want for our students.

Our amazing educators are passionate, fun-loving, and obsessed with helping students grow and progress. Knowing their trade and how children function, Wonderlit Educators go the extra mile to make them feel empowered, confident, and ready. They don’t just teach. They nurture skilful storytellers.