Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is built on established learning frameworks — and a healthy dose of fun.

At Wonderlit, we balance learning with serious fun through drama and literacy.

Drama techniques and tools such as imaginative play, role play, improvisational storytelling, poems, music & movement, stage discipline, character building, and speech work that includes literature and poems are some examples used throughout our highly stimulating curriculum to facilitate learning, help our children think quickly and form ideas verbally.

The key elements of these and other techniques are based on leading Trinity College London Communication Skills, Speech and Drama, and Performance Arts frameworks, as well as the Singapore MOE (Ministry of Education) Oral & Communication syllabus, helping students develop important communication life skills while excelling in Trinity certification and school oral examinations.

Our curriculum starts with Read and Write for preschoolers which support the progression to Speak and Perform programmes at the primary and secondary school levels. This provides a holistic journey for students to grow in confidence and self-esteem, develop creativity and become successful communicators.

Animated cogwheel diagram showing how Wonderlit's curriculum helps students build character, confidence, communication, and creativity