Wonderlit Creature

What We
Believe In & Do

We are single-minded about sparking wonder to bring forth our children’s innate confidence.


Our Vision

Lighting up a world of wonder through learning.

Our children’s imaginations are like rocket fuel, brimming with energy and explosive potential. The confidence we build through our Wonderlit programmes is the spark that will ignite their creativity and confidence to express themselves, give life to their thoughts, and reveal the geniuses within. They have got it in them. Because a spark is all it takes to set it free.


Our Mission

To unlock creativity and develop confident and effective communicators for life.


Our Core Values

At Wonderlit, our core values are the foundation of our philosophy, and they guide our team in the way we conduct our business:

Do it with passion. We commit our heart and soul to doing what we do, constantly pursuing ever higher standards of curriculum excellence while celebrating our students’ success.

Take fun seriously. We seize every opportunity to create joy in our lessons and our everyday activities.

Celebrate diversity. We recognise differences and embrace uniqueness and individuality, finding ways to cater to different learning needs to bring out the best in everyone and those around them.

Innovate for excellence. We are student-centred and we constantly and relentlessly pursue new ways to add value to our curriculum while deepening learning experiences.

Commit to growth. We are obsessed with individual growth and take extreme efforts to ensure an enriching and progressive learning experience at Wonderlit.