Why Wonderlit?

We believe in giving every child the opportunity to develop their potential and bring out their best self.

Girl in superhero costume bursting out from a paper wall

Our children at school are constantly required to speak up — in daily lessons, show and tell, oral examinations, and informal interactions with teachers and other adults.

There’s little room in the school schedule to allow our children to develop important verbal communication skills at their own pace. And often, children who are more reserved in group situations get left behind.

As a parent, it can be really hard to help because children behave so differently in school and at home.

Wonderlit’s goal is to fill this gap. We will take our children through a journey of self-discovery, spark wonder and curiosity and ultimately lead them to become effective communicators, giving them a head start in life.

From designing the learning space to crafting the curriculum and choosing qualified educators, every aspect is aimed at creating the best experience for your child to learn and excel.


Leading Curriculum — Our curriculum is carefully crafted not only to meet the objectives of building confidence, creativity, character, and communication; it is also structured to help each child succeed in MOE oral and Trinity exams.


Holistic Learning — We encourage curiosity in our students by expanding beyond textbooks into literacy and perspectives on real world issues.


Experienced Educators — Our inspiring educators, though experienced, undergo extensive in-house training with regular assessments to ensure the required standards are met.


Invigorating Environment — Our warm and nurturing learning space spurs imagination and creativity, while small class sizes fuel both collaboration and individual growth.


Regular Updates — Student progress is monitored every step of the way with periodic updates for parents through the Wonderlit app.


Individual Development — We empower students to think critically and on their feet, speak their minds and have their own voices.