Wonderlit Creature "P" for Wonderlit Perform



Age: Above 16 years old
Class size: 10 maximum
Class duration: 1 hour 30 mins

In the Youth programme, our students continue to develop their understanding towards various use of vocal and physical techniques used to bring their characters and/or performing pieces to a live audience. They will learn to use a wide range of physical skills in a given space, moving with defined purpose to express the meaning of their performance.  

Students will have a clear understanding of their chosen performance by showing their ability to reflect on the different skills used and the specific challenges faced. They will show competence on their skills by presenting an unseen piece into an executable, creative and spontaneous performance within a given time frame.

For students preparing for diplomas, they will be guided to deliver a coherent and fluent performance programme by communicating dramatic ideas through the use of a wide range of performing skills (vocal and physical) in front of audiences. Students will be able to respond imaginatively to each performing pieces from content to the context of the material.