Wonderlit Creature "P" for Wonderlit Perform

Programmes / Perform / Pre-Teen



Age: 10–12 years old
Class size: 10 maximum
Class duration: 1 hour 30 mins

In the Pre-Teen programme, our students are exposed to greater literature pieces so that they can explore their creative minds by seeking out the perimeters of improvisation. These drama exercises help students create an imaginary world from the chosen literature text, making them more relatable and understandable. They will learn how to combine the appropriate speech and body movements to portray characters within the text, learning and enacting the context. This helps them create and convey ideas, moods, and meaning through appropriate variation in performance.

Guidance will be given on the use of performance skills to demonstrate a personal and imaginative interpretation which is consistent, displaying refinement of their technical skills with a more lively and captivating performance.

As they progress, our students work towards improving their individual physical movement and speech skills to captivate an imaginative audience. The goal is to give an accurate and sustained performance which demonstrates the acquired skills, knowledge, and understanding of the text. They will learn to make creative use of the given space to effectively portray the adopted character to the audience.