Wonderlit Creature "P" for Wonderlit Perform

Programmes / Perform / Junior



Age: 7-9 years old
Class size: 10 maximum
Class duration: 1 hour 30 mins

In the Perform Junior programme, we focus on further developing our students’ social interaction skills, helping them gain confidence by way of articulation and enunciation of words to drive clarity of thoughts. As they grow, we move to individual vocal and dramatic skills improvements including appropriate physical and vocal skills needed to engage and captivate an audience. They will learn how word enunciation plays a part in different modes of speech delivery and discover the importance of improvisation in literature pieces they have chosen to perform. Here, students are supported in the research of literature pieces that interest them and immerse them in the imaginary world.  

Further, they will develop deeper understanding and thoughtful interpretations of selected group performance works and learn to execute fluent deliveries with an added sense of spontaneity and awareness of the audience. To cultivate a deeper understanding of literature pieces, our students learn vocal techniques that are reinforced with increasing complexity of drama/theatrical skills. As a result, they will be able to hold the audience’s attention throughout a performance.  

In addition, our students are guided into displaying a level of proficiency in reading aloud, delivering the mood, understanding the text, and relating to the literature text chosen. Stimulus discussions help students prepare to answer questionable topics in the literature text.