Wonderlit Creature "S" for Wonderlit Speak

Programmes / Speak / Youth



Age: Above 16 years old
Class Size: 10 maximum
Class Duration: 1 hour 30 mins

In the Youth programme, our students will learn many aspects of the communication process including understanding different styles of delivery, language structure (formal versus informal) and the use of audio-visual, imagery etc., used in advertising, politics and /or education industries.   

Students will work on topics of contentious issues ranging from politics, and current affairs to social media, presenting both sides of the argument. They will learn how to quickly gather discussion pointers to conduct public addresses in response to different topics.

For students working toward diplomas, they will be taught to use a wide range of physical and vocal skills and the use of physical space plus visual aids to creatively capture audience’s attention in their presentations. In addition, they will learn to identify and use appropriate forms (e.g., words, sentence structures), content and context in a variety of speech modes, showing integration of skills, knowledge and awareness to give a convincing talk/presentation.