Programmes / Write / Primary 3-4


Primary 3–4

Age: 910 years old
Class Size: 10 maximum
Class Duration: 1 hour 30 mins

In the Write Primary 3-4 programme, students will advance to constructing more complex sentences, incorporating more precise vocabulary and figurative language as they explore short stories, informal letter-writing and poetry. Lessons are designed to build students’ confidence in their ability to express their own diverse and unique voices creatively and effectively, with greater awareness of a wider readership and contexts of reception.

At this level, students will be introduced to the nuances and connotations of the English language as it is used in the social world. They will be taught how to construct sentences and invent interesting plots that will captivate and excite their readers using the creative writing principle of ‘show-not-tell’. They will also be taught how to critically analyse and respond to writing by others as a means of reflecting on and developing their own work. They will conclude the year by composing a one-scene play with a strong emphasis on characterisation to develop a coherent and compelling script.