Programmes / Write / Kindergarten



Age: 5–6 years old
Class Size: 10 maximum
Class Duration: 1 hour 30 mins

In the Write Kindergarten programme, we focus on imparting the foundational building blocks of writing to our students, including spelling, grammar, and punctuation use. Lessons will also focus on enhancing and enriching their vocabulary, leading to confidence and fluency in their early forays into creative writing.

Our young writers will learn how to interact with and create multimodal texts that combine images and writing, including picture books and storyboards. Through this, they will be better able to relate text with images and write descriptively based on visual prompts. They will also be taught the basic conventions of forms such as realist and non-realist fiction, and learn to apply these forms as they put words together in meaningful and captivating ways. The programme culminates in a published end-of-year project in which students will produce their own e-book bringing to life an animal of their choice.